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I am jealous of my girlfriend Searching Sex Tonight

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I am jealous of my girlfriend

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I am jealous of my girlfriend

I am jealous of my girlfriend and it's eating away at i am jealous of my girlfriend. I don't know how to organize my thoughts, here, so I'll just lay it out stream-of-consciousness style. My girlfriend and I have been going out for about a year. Crux of the problem: Jealousy and bitterness is eating away at me. Things I hate about myself: I went to an Ivy League and my financial aid got slaughtered after the first year, leaving me with rather nasty loans.

I supported myself throughout i am jealous of my girlfriend four years and worked many hours per emoticons online dating. I'm a very smart guy perfect scores, top rank, polyglot, etc jealoue, but I was just so overwhelmed in college and I felt that the financial situation really held me. I'm not satisfied at work.

Work is too easy for me and I'm finding myself constantly wanting more stimulation. I don't have 10p sex chat coworkers my own age and the few that are don't work in my area of the buildingand so social interaction is not where I'd like it to be.

I make enough to cover my expenses and live relatively comfortably "comfortable" by NYC standards -- still a tiny roombut I make so little on the margin because I pay for everything myself and have large expenses. Things I am jealous of: My girlfriend's family is extremely large, loving, funny, jeakous, giving, fun to be around, close.

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I am jealous of my girlfriend my girlfriend's not at my place, she's at home. In other words, she doesn't need to pay for rent, her own food much of the time. My girlfriend sussex county community college got a job interview bc she's dissatisfied with her job, and it indeed pays more money. When we go out on girlfrienf dates, I'm still the one picking up most of the bills. Not that there's anything wrong with girlfrienf, but read on My problem: I feel like I can't be the man I want despite feeling like I've done everything to the best of my abilities.

I feel so far behind because I had such a lousy upbringing. My finances aren't as strong as they should be.

I feel like I could be working for a lot more money but I am just so horrible at interviewing I get too nervous and lock up and start rambling nonsense.

It's embarrassing to witness. At the same time I am envious at how easy everything comes for my girlfriend. When she has trouble, i am jealous of my girlfriend family is there to help.

Right now I make more money than she does, but when she jumps ship here soon, that will change -- meaning that the difference in purchasing ability will be even greater. All those years growing up, I've worked so i am jealous of my girlfriend to make a path for.

I overcame obstacles of abuse and neglect and managed to wiggle my way into a top uni only to get hit again with huge financial troubles. I feel like all this work aj been for.

I always envisioned myself being a top dog in many aspects as a result jeaalous hard work and brains. Now I feel like I'm so far behind despite all my efforts and I feel so emasculated.

11 Pieces Of Advice From People Who've Been Jealous In Their Relationships

I always and willingly pick up our dinner bills and she does offer sometimes, but not very oftendespite the fact that I hear gorlfriend friends proclaim sex mandarin they usually go dutch with their significant.

I can't keep up with. Not that I wouldn't want to do those things either I hate the fact that I feel like I'm struggling so hard and I feel jealous that my girlfriend has it easier. I hate the notion of sm looking down on me somehow because my girlfriend has a stronger financial base than I do -- as if I am somehow not smart enough or skilled enough to do better myself despite i am jealous of my girlfriend far I've gotten on my own thus far. At the same time, it's not i am jealous of my girlfriend amm me to keep this buried inside.

I'm not sure if I'm making any sense. I'm just extremely upset and jealous and I'm not sure how to rectify what I am feeling.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Last edited by VertexSquared; 4th April at 1: Your girlfriend is aware of your financial difficulties but doesn't offer to i am jealous of my girlfriend very. This isn't so much about manhood, as not being treated with consideration by your SO. Time ggirlfriend bite the bullet, sit her back down and make her understand that the good times i am jealous of my girlfriend over, that in order for you to get from l mounting debt, brookings South Dakota naked xxx either she's going to have to buck up her share or your activities will need to be steeply curtailed.

If she can't understand this, she's no finance person. She can either be an asset to you or continue being a liability. I understand that we come from different backgrounds and I don't jealos her for.

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Finding work for me is tough because, again, I am horrible at interviews. I get nervous, lock up, i am jealous of my girlfriend, ramble, sweat, and my mind is completely unable to focus. I am jealous of my girlfriend got the current job I have now because while there was an interview that I bombedthey cared about performance and gave me a project to work on with a week deadline sent it back completed in less than an hour.

It's an extremely, extremely close. The problem is that there's a clear incompatibility in the relationship and I don't know how to fix it. I'd love to make more money, but I suck gay hookups adelaide interviews and have practiced in mock interviews more times than I care to mention.

I just can't do them, period. I'd love to have fewer expenses, but this isn't realistic. I'd love for my girlfriend and I to go dutch more often, but I feel like this would be seen as a huge setback.

At this point in the relationship, splitting the bill shouldn't be something to be frowned. A huge setback? It should be viewed as a step forward. You aren't "dating" anymore, you are equal partners in a relationship.

My boyfriend and I always take turns paying for dates, whether it's dinner or a movie or what have you. It's not rigid "Oh, I paid last time, so it's your turn! Whoever grabs the bill first, really.

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It's part of the natural progression of the relationship. Originally Posted by threebyfate.

Have you considered a roommate? Have you considered asking her to pitch in on utilities or something if she stays over most of horny lonely girls wanting adult relationship time?

I will say that it's not attractive for a guy to feel like "less of a man" because his lady friend earns. I am jealous of my girlfriend to my mg. This is one you have to soul search and get. Now, the fact that you have girlftiend together a year and she knows of your financial situation yet is not willing to do anything about it screams red flag to me.

I am jealous of my girlfriend

This is the girl who you have constantly touted as being so giving and loving. I'm not seeing it. I"m seeing that you are giving and i am jealous of my girlfriend yourself as thin as you can while she sits back and socks money away for Her own place?

Girlfriwnd place to share with you? A wedding? An elephant? It's time to sit down and talk to her about how you cannot afford these things.

She will make concessions if she wants what is best for both of you. She has always sounded so great.

I don't know why this can't be worked through as. As for the family stuff, we can't help what we. Heck, I have. Unless I happen to end up with a new BF before the next holiday season I'll be sitting at home alone on Christmas. Oh the joy.

How to Stop Being Jealous of Your Girlfriend

I try to think of it in a way that isn't so bad. I have no worldly ties to hold me back from accomplishing great things. I only have to worry about me. Not many people have that luxury. Not that it doesn't suck most of the time, but I try to stay positive.

The world is now my oyster. Originally Posted by iJester. Your problem in interviews is your confidence. Originally Posted by VertexSquared. Originally Posted by Crazy Magnet. The thing is is that she does offer in i am jealous of my girlfriend ways.