Welcome to the official Website of the Village of Riverdale! Riverdale, Illinois (located on the southeast border of Chicago) offers a small town atmosphere with all the benefits of a metropolitan area. Riverdale instituted a downtown redevelopment plan, which included the rehabilitation and development of commercial buildings on 144th Street. This is now a focal point of Riverdale and headquarters the Village's Administration offices. Riverdale's current population as of the latest Census of 2010 is 13,549. Riverdale is served by a park district that offers programs ranging from arts and crafts to athletics, parks, a library and nearby forest preserves to provide children and adults with many places to relax and have fun.

The Riverdale Police Department in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation, will attempt to reduce the number of severe injury and fatal crashes through highly visible enforcement efforts specifically targeting occupant restraint and speed violations.  The enforcement will be conducted during the Memorial Day Holiday, which will be May 11, 2015 through May 21, 2015. 

Remember to obey all speed laws
and to wear your seatbelt during the day & also at night.

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  Oppose LGDF Reductions

All of us know that sacrifice and tough decisions come during hard times, but so do common sense, logic and reason. The state is dealing with a massive budgetary mess of its own making – made through years and years of putting off pension payments and borrowing and spending beyond its limits – none of which is the fault of local governments or their elected officials. In fact, during that same time, municipal governments balanced their budgets every year, provided for the health, safety and welfare of their residents, invested in infrastructure improvements, and were able to do all of that under the pressure of property tax limitations, declining revenues, unfunded state mandates, and pension benefit sweeteners sent out from the capitol building.

Now is not the time to penalize our city hall for their good stewardship of the local share of state income taxes. Why should our Village suffer the drastic cuts being proposed against local governments when they didn’t create the problem?

Based on the numbers reported, a 50% cut in the municipal share of income taxes would result in a reduction of $670,675.50 to the Village of Riverdale. Along with a proposed property tax freeze and the likelihood of more unfunded mandates from the state, how are our elected leaders supposed to find the dollars to pay for critical local services? We have already made the tough decisions and we are already operating efficiently and effectively, especially when compared to the state. We balance our budget every year and we watch each dollar to make sure it is returned to the local taxpayers through quality programs and services. When these cuts are passed down to the local level, the message being sent is: thanks for doing the right thing, now you have to pay again for our mistakes.

Please take a stand against the unnecessary and unrealistic cuts that have been proposed against local governments. This is not a case of “don’t cut my pet program,” this is a case of common sense governing. Thank you for your support.

In Governor Rauner's recent state budget address it was proposed that the municipal share of state income taxes (known as LGDF, the Local Government Distributive Fund) be cut in half.

Make your opposition to these cuts heard by sending a pre-drafted email. This email will be automatically sent to the Governor and each state senator and representative in your area, with a copy also going to the four legislative leaders and yourself. A hard copy addressed to the Governor can also be printed for postal mailing if your computer has Adobe Reader or a compatible program installed on it.

To complete this process, please fill in your name, email address, select the municipality you live in (from the drop down box) then click the Send Email button. If you have Adobe Reader or a compatible program on your computer the letter addressed to the Governor will appear after a few seconds. Please print, sign and mail this letter to the Governor to let him know that you are opposed to this budget cut.

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Comprehensive Economic Development Plan

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Residents are encouraged to come to Village Hall and register or sign up online to be notified of any emergency situations in town or elsewhere that would affect you. You need only to provide a phone number, (land line or cell.)

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